What is Animation and it’s Types .

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Introduction :-

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Today, the topic on which we are going to talk about animation is hardly anyone in today’s time who has not heard about animation because all the cartoon movies that are make in today’s time are made with the help of admission. This is also because the video can be made more exciting by using computer animation and graphics.

For example, when we explain alphabets to children with the help of paper and pen, very few are able to understand. At the same time, if we explain the same alphabets and other mathematics with the help of animation, then all the children understand very easily.

As technology is getting advanced, we are all becoming digitized. Whether it is office work, banking or shopping, we can do all the work very easily sitting at home with the help of technology.

Now people have shown so much interest towards admission due to which its demand is increasing. Animation is being use more especially for education purpose.

In such a situation, you would definitely like to know what is animation and how many types are there, so today I will tell you all about animation, so without delay, let’s start.

What is Animation And It’s Types .

Animation refers to a type of process that involves designing, drawing, making layouts and preparing photographic sentences. Which is then integrated into gaming products or multimedia.

If we talk about its principal, in this steel images are exploited and manage in such a way that animation of its movement is create. In this, the images are displayed quickly to create the illusion of motion, in which the images are very rarely separate from each other, so that an animation is create after being displayed very fast.

After seeing which it seems as if the object inside the image is moving.

We also call this moment animation. With its help, cartoon serials, presentations and model designing are make .

Types of animation .

So far we have talk about what is animation and now we will talk about how many types of animations are there. By the way, there are many different types of animations, but in this article we will talk about some important topics.

1. Traditional animation.

Traditional animation is also call cell animation, which is done by hard drawing. In this process, many pictures are create which are very little different from each other, but they are progressive in nature. Due to this process, they are use to represent some action. To trace this drawing, a transparent sheet is use, which we call a cell.

2. Stop motion animation.

Stop motion animation is a type of technique in which objects can be make to move on their own. In this, images are photograph separately, which we also call frame by frame animation. Some Hollywood movies such as King Kong, The Dinosaur and The Lost World are all making by Animation.

3. Motion graphic.

Motion graphics are pieces of footage or animations that create an illusion. It appears that the illusion is in motion and is also rotating.

4. Computer animation.

Computer animation is a latest technology which mainly consists of three things. 2D animation, 3D animation and VFX not only enhance hard draws but also make them look real.

Power Point and Flash animation are use for 2D animation. 2D animation is also famous because it uses a scanned drawing inside a computer like in cartoon films.

3D animation is use in film making where we need user objects or characters. which cannot be easily displayed.

For example, in the use of 3D animation, we can make many people stand in one place. Mount can be install on top of a table. In this, many different shapes, mathematical codes are used to display the action and colors which is mind blowing which makes it appear as if it has been copied from an actual picture.

VFX also known as Visual Effects. In this process, such imagery is create which is different from the live action suit in any film making. With the help of VFX, we can make any object small or big or even terrifying and action full. That is completely different from real life, but it looks as if it is completely real.

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