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Introduction :-

Hello friends, how are you all once again I welcome you all to my website Technology Inspire(The dark web and how is use safely).

Today in this article the topic we are going to talk about is what is dark web, who uses it and where? All of you might be using the internet but do you know what this dark web is. If not then today I will give complete information about dark web to all of you with the help of this article. Just keep reading till the end.

So without delay let’s start.

The darkweb :-

In today’s time, all our activities whether it is buying something online or talking to someone. We have to depend on the Internet for all the information. In such a situation, you will feel that you know everything about the world of the web and perhaps you have practically expounded everything on the Internet.

But you might be surprise to know that we know only 4% about the Internet. Yes friends, Google , yahoo or any other search engine covers only 4% of the web world and we don’t really know anything about the rest 96% of the world. The access of a common man to this part of the Internet is absolutely negligible. We also call this largest part of the Internet in the dark web.

This dark web includes everything like sale Drugs online, pornography, hacking and all kinds of illegal things which are against our rules. It is also illegal to visit such dark websites and dark web. This includes our country along with other countries. At the same time, except for some anti-social activities, this dark web is a very useful thing. Its up to you how you are using it. All this work has been possible only through dark net.

Total use internet .

The dark web is the part of the Internet that is not index by which search engine.
According to the researchers of Deep Web, only 4% of the Internet is a wish force to the general public and we call it the Surface Web. This means that the dark web has made up the rest of the 96% of the internet.

There are some websites in the dark web that are not made publicly visible because their IP-address is deliberately kept hidden. The same website can be visited using the right tools, but it is impossible to find the server details and at the same time it is not easy to track them.

There are many anonymity tools you can use to access the dark web, such as Tor and I2P.

It is famous for both dark web, black marketing and user protection. That is why it is seen in both positive and negative way.

THe Darknet Market :-

Those industries which operate only in the dark web, we call them dark net market. Many of these illegal products are marketed. Like porn child trafficking, secrets of government’s, secrets of defence etc.

Here all the work is done which is opposed by the Governments and Law Enforcement Agencies.

How do dark webs work?

The dark web works in a completely different way than the normal website. Dark websites cannot be accessed with the help of a normal web browser. Certain web browsers are used to access dark websites, in which certain rules have to be followed to find and use the website. Those rules are as follows.

  1. Before accessing the dark web, you will need a secure VPN server that keeps on protecting your identity to others because the site of the dark web is not as secure as we understand, hackers are always roaming in it. In such a situation, VPNs maintain your security.
  2. You have to download Tor web browser so that you can login safely and securely in dark web.
  3. Once you have securely installed Tor web browser. Then you have to close all the apps and programs so that you can easily crawl the dark web.

Disadvantage of dark web

Now in such a situation, the question comes whether browsing in the dark web can be dangerous, then let me tell you that in reality browsing in the dark web can be very dangerous.

If you do not pay attention to some rules, then you encourage problems like viruses, hackers and webcam hacking.

Webcam hacking.

If you’re new to the dark web, hackers will use your website to trick you into installing a remote administration tool, also known as RAT virus, on your device.
The reason for the RAT virus is that they can easily hijack your webcam and start tracking all your movements.

That’s why browsing the dark web is like saying bye-bye to security. What if you didn’t pay attention to some things?

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