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Today’s Topic is network security , in which I will tell you what is network security and why is it so important in today’s time ?

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Network security is the work of any company or organization using both hardware and software systems and keeping computer networks and data secure .

It is used to keep data and network secure . Every company or organization that handles a large amount of data , it needs a good cyber expert to keep its data secure so that it can keep the data of their companies or organizations safe .

In today’s time there are many such software which can easily steal all your data by going into your computer system . These are also called viruses in computer language , which are automatically installed in your device by using unwanted website or due to pressing on any link , they are also installed in your device .

We Need Anti-Virus Software .

All of you must have seen many times that such fraud messages must have come on the mobile phone as if you have won lakhs of money or you have got lottery worth crores and then do we click on that link without thinking anything due to which viruses are automatically installed in our device , which is not all right for our security because of these viruses are not successful in stealing your data , then also delete all your important data .

To avoid this , we need network security . That ‘s why many network security companies made some such software so that this viruses does not come in our device and our data is completely safe . we also call this type of software as anti-virus , whose job is maintain the confidentiality of your data .

Cloud Security ..

Most of big companies keep all their data on cloud security . Like Google , Facebook , Amazon , Flipkart and many more companies keep their data on cloud security , due to which they also have very less risk of their data being leaked because cloud computing companies use many cyber security tools to protect data hires experts .

So that cloud computing remains completely secure .


There are also there types of network security .

1. Physical Network Security .

It is most robust layer which includes protecting the data and network which prevents unauthorized person from accessing the data .

In this , data is exchanged through LAN cables and routers , which cannot be used by anyone else without authority .

2. Technical Network Security .

It mainly maintains the security of the data gathered in the network or the data trapped due to the network . Like when we send something to other users with the help of network and for some reason that message could not reach that , keeping data secure in this condition is call technical network security .

3. Administrative Network Security .

A network security administrator mainly checks that no unauthorized person is accessing their data network security administrator also protects the data from threats from inside or outside .

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