Installation of the JDK in your PC.


Hello friends, how are you all once again I welcome you all to my website Technology inspire ( Installation of the JDK ).

Today, the topic on which we are going to talk about is installation of the JDK in you PC.

In this website I will tell you complete information about Installation of the JDK step by step.

So without delay let’s start .

What is jdk.

The JDK means java development kit (java development package) . It is use for developing java applets and Android apps. Basically it is a Software development environment . Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is also includes in JDK which happens to be a loader / interpreter or a compiler ( javac ) . The basic work of JDK that is code compile & Run the program with using Command prompt.

  • Oracle JDK :- Is most popular JDK
  • Open JDK :- Ready for use jdk14 , jdk15 .

Steps of Installation complete JDK :-

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  1. Open any browser in your computer & Search JDK. Open first link that is
  2. Oracle is provide JDK kit with three different three Operating Systems ( Linux , macOS or windows ) . Choose one according to your computer Operating System.
  3. Now choose one version with your computer performance & Download one ( JDK ).
  4. If JDK is download complete then Install the JDK in your computer. Open JDK file ↵ > Next ↵ > Next ↵ > close ↵ .
  5. When JDK is install completely then open file manager > Local Disk (C:) ↵ > Program files ↵ > java ↵ > JDK version select and enter ↵ > bin ↵ > Now copy complete path address of bin file.
  6. After coping the bin file address open settings of your computer & search Environment Variables . Edit the system Environment variables ↵ > Environment variables ↵ > In system variables ( Path ↵ ) > Edit ↵ > New ↵ > Paste the path of bin file address & ok ↵ .
  7. After setting up the path of bile file address open command prompt & type javac ( java compiler ) ↵ > when command prompt is working and not show any error then JDK is working.
  8. Now your JDK is completely Install.

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Note :-

I hope that in today’s article you all know well Installation of JDK with using java language code ?

Thank you all for reading this article till the end . If any one of you feel that some changes are need in this article or if you all want an article on some other topic , then definitely tell in the comment box so that very soon I will give another update on that article or that doubt . I can clear .

So that’s all for today , with another new update in next article , good bye till then!

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