If else statment with java practical

Introduction :-

Hello friends , how are you all once again I welcome to all of you in my website Technology Inspire ( If Else statement ) .

Today I will tell you complete information about the if else statement in this website Technology Inspire . Before understanding the if else statement , we need to know about the java language and the compiler used in it .

Java & Compiler

JAVA :- java is a high level programming language with the help of java language the developers create & design many more software like web applications , mobile applications or games etc ( if else statement ) .

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Compiler :- compiler is used in the program to convert java language in machinery language . This is because the computer understands only the machinery language . Later , with the help of compiler , we get the output in java language instead of machinery language (if else statement) .

If Else Statement :-

The if else statement works exactly like if statement program also operates on two conditions true or false . The only difference between these two is that in the if statement we get the output only when the condition is true , but in the if else statement you get the output if you have both the conditions is true or false ?

Next in this article , with the help of a simple program , we will know the if else statement in a better way .

parctical :-

class Ifelse{
        public static void main (String [] args ){
                 int Age ;
                     Age = 18 ;
           // if else statement code write here
              if (Age == 18  ||  Age > 18) {
        System.out.println("I am not a child.");
             else {
        System.out.println("I am child.");


I am not a child.

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I hope that in today’s article you all know well what is if else statement and how is work ?

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