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Today I will tell you all in this article. what is the factorial and how to find the factorial of a number in a few seconds with the help of a programming language ?

Do read this article till the end because with the help of this article you will get a lot of information about factorial as well as how we can find out the factorial of any random number with the help of java programming . I can confidently say that after reading the article till the end , you will be able to easily find the factorial of any random number . That too with the help of java programming .

So without delay let’s start this program .


Knowing about both java and factorial is very important for this program .

Java :-

Java is a high level programming language which is used by developers to design & create many web applications , mobile applications or games etc .

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java programming —

Factorial :-

The factorial of a whole number is the function that multiplies the number by every natural number below it . We write this as the exclamation symbol ” ! ” . We will understand this more easily with the help of a simple example .

Example :- Suppose I want to find the factorial of a natural number and the number is 7 . Then in this condition we would put an exclamation symbol ” ! ” after the natural number exactly ” 7! “this way . Now we have to multiply it with in decreasing natural number to find its factorial , exactly like 7*6*5*4*3*2*1 .

The value that comes after multiplying these will be the factorial of 7 .

Program of factorial :-

class Factorial{
	public static void main (String [] args){
		int i , fact = 1;
		int number = 5 ;
			for (i=1;i<number;i++){
		System.out.println("Factroial of" +number+  "is:" +fact);


Factorial of 5 is: 120

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