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Today the topic on which we are going to talk in this article is data. Yes friends, today I will tell you all what is the data and how many types are there. I will give complete information in this article. So before starting this article let me tell you all.

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Why are you all from no matter what background? We all have used the word data at one time or another. So do you know what the data is? If not then today with the help of this article I will give complete information about the data to all of you.

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So let’s know more about our topic data today.


Whenever we use the word data in any field, then a question definitely arises in our mind that what is this data after all? Why do we use the word data all the time?

So let me tell you all that data is not a computer related term but data is also call plain facts such as population of a country, number of patients in hospitals or whereabouts of a school. The data can be in any natural form or digital form.

If we represent the data, then it has two general ways in which analog and digital.

Analog Data.

Analog data is usually continuous, which we also call analog. In this, the data travels in the zig-zag form.

Digital Data.

If we talk about digital data, then limited number of elements are discrete and broken up.

For example, we call nature as analog and computer as digital.


Computer systems work with different types of digital data, but in the olden days, data was only in text and numbers. In today’s modern world, there is still a lot of multimedia data such as audio, video, images, graphics and many other types of data are present.

To know the data well, first of all, it is very important for us to have knowledge about the database. Database is an organized collection of data in which all the data is stored and from there the data is used. We cannot even imagine data without a database.

The data inside the memory is in the form of a table, if we talk about its size, then the smallest unit of data is bit, in which only one number i.e. 0 and 1 is stored at a time, which we also call binary digit.

Data Measurement

When there are 8 bits, we call it 1 byte. There is 1 kilobyte in 1024 bytes. 1 MB in 1024 KB, 1GB in 1024 MB in the same way PB, TB, EB i.e. Exabyte.



We also call this data size as data measurement. To store a lot of data, we need huge database in which cloud service plays an important role. If you want to know more about cloud service, then you can know better about it by visiting this post of our cloud service.

Because I have already made a blog on cloud computing. You can learn about cloud computing by clicking on the link and going to that post directly. So far we have known what is data and now I will tell you about what is information, data and the difference between it.


A data that is meaningful to another user, it is helpful. We call it information like a user told another user, where do you live and another user told him about the place where he lives. With this, the first user came to understand about that place and we call this data is information.

Different from data

Now we will know how data and information are different. If we talk about data, then understanding it is outside the access of any common person, but if we talk about information, then anyone can understand it very easily.

The same data is completely dependent on itself, but information is completely dependent on the data itself. Moreover, it is not necessary that the data has any meaning, but it is very important for the information to have some meaning.

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