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Today’s topic will be AI , today I will give complete information to all of you about what is AI and why it is need so much in today’s time ?

It is known to all that whatever work is done in today’s time weather it is washing cloths in homes . Automatic work of machine in factories or any other work . All the work is do easily by machines. But has any one of you ever wondered how that machine does all the work without human help and that too in a better way than a normal person ? Just as humans need a brain to work , machines also need a brain to work . which tells them what to do next and this brain is call AI in machine language .

Next , we will know about AI even better in this article , so let’s start without delay .

Artificial INTELLIGENCE :-

AI means Artificial intelligence , which means intelligence created by humans. AI is completely a branch of computer science , whose only job is to create such an intelligent machine that can think and understand like humans . as well as take its own decisions or say that it is completely act like human .


It was first invented in 1956 by john McCarthy , an American computer scientist . Told in a conference . In today’s time , Artificial Intelligence is being used every where .such as robotic company , manufacturing company , software company etc. Many companies have made the tasks even easier by using AI , such as Apple’s Siri , Google’s google Assistant and Google map etc. Have made the tasks even easier and it can be use in many fields . So that all our work gets done in very less time .

If you are interest in a field like automobile , then you must have heard the name of Tesla . Tesla is an automobile company that uses AI to make Self -drive cars that can be driven without the help of a driver .


So far we have known that is Artificial Intelligence and now we will know why it is so important in today’s time . as I already told you that AI is the branch of computer science whose job is to make intelligent machines , so that all our work is very much . It can be done easily and in very less time . That’s why we need AI too . This also saves our precious time.

The thinking of humans has gone to such an extent that they want to make a decision making machine by themselves . Yes friends , I am talking about robots . In today’s time , man wants to make a robot that its own decisions . This thinking of humans has given so much importance of AI .


Every coin has two sides . where till now we talked about the benefits of AI . There are also some disadvantages cause by the same AI .

With the advent of machines , there has been an increase in manufacturing , but unemployment is also increasing . Human beings are becoming lazy day by day due to machines and if for some reason robots i.e. machines have considered humans as their enemies , than you can understand what will happen ?


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I hope that in today’s article you all know well what is if statement and how is work ?

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