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Introduction :-

Hello friends how are you all once again I welcome to all of you in my website Technology Inspire (Digital Marketing).

In today’s digital world, whatever work is done, whether it is shopping, banking or listening to news, all these work are completely possible in today’s time in a digital way. The same people are seeing great concern about their business because only 40 out of 100 businessmen know about digital marketing . Due to This reason the remaining 60 businessmen are not able to carry forward their work and they have to stop their work due to competition.

That’s why I thought why not explain to all of you about digital marketing, what is digital marketing and how to use it ? Follow this post till the end. I assure you that you will not have to stop your work only because of lack of knowledge of digital marketing, but after completing this post, you can bring your business to digital and earn profits.

So let’s start without delay.

Digital Marketing :-

Digital marketing is clear as the name suggests. Here by digital we mean online and marketing means to tell about our products. In today’s competition-filled era, in order to sale our products. we have to reach the information of our products to many people in a very short time. so that everyone knows that product very well. By doing this, the sale of the that product increases manifold.

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In such a situation, all businessmen adopt the path of digital marketing. Now the question comes that what is this digital marketing? so let me tell you all.

In today’s time, all the businessmen tell people about their products and company with the help of advertisements. In such a situation, the marketing of their product becomes in great demand in a very short time. with the help of digital marketing , we get to know about our products that how much our product is being liked in the market. such companies take their business even further. That is why digital marketing is consider one of the best ways to advance your business.

Make your business digital

To make our business digital, first of all we have to deal with some advertising company. To deal with an advertising company, an account has to be create.

Digital marketing

Example :- In today’s time, the first thing to do for advertising is that google (Marketing). Google is the biggest means of advertising in today’s time. According to the requirement of its clients, Google tells its audience about their products through ads. That’s why most of the companies choose Google first for advertising. This is because Google tells millions of customers about their products, brands and company in just one go. Which increases the marketing of these products.

Ways of Advertinsing

Well, there are many ways of advertising. This is because in today’s time there are many companies of advertising. Whoever advertises your products, brand and company by taking some money. Today I will tell some of these popular advertising methods. Those are the ways.

1. Websites & Applications Advertising

In today’s time, websites and applications are consider to be the best means of advertising. In today’s time everyone has a smartphone and internet. Not only this, the help of websites and applications is take in schools, colleges, hospitals, shops, business and many more places and then that website or application shows its work as well as some products. By which he gets to knows about the product along with its information.

After that, if he wants, by clicking on that ad, he can know more about the product and company.

In today’s time, maximum traffic is seen on websites and applications only. The biggest reason for this is the smartphone use in today’s time.

That’s why websites and applications are consider the best means of advertising.

2. Television Advertising

Advertising in television is more expensive than other methods because your company, brand and product are shown much better on television. your ad is shown in full on television. so that everyone can understand better about your company and product. Television is consider to be one of the oldest forms of advertising.

That is why television is consider a good medium of advertising . Because any shows or news on television is mostly chance seen by sitting with the family. By which all of them get to know about that product company brand.

You can take the help of television advertising to grow your business quickly.

3. Radio Advertising

in the earlier times when there was not much facility of television and internet. So all the businessmen use to take the help of radio ads for marketing their products, company and brands.

The marketing of the product was done by speaking in radio ads. There was no screen feature in it. But in today’s time, with the advent of television, smartphones and the internet, the demand for radio ads is gradually decreasing. Its biggest feature is the graphic screen, in today’s time screen advertising is he most, which is not there in the radio.

It is much cheaper than other advertising. That’s why even today it is being use for adverting.

4. Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising is a very old way of advertising. In this, advertising is done through an image and some articles. All Newspaper companies show news as well as some ads.

Even in today’s digital time, People like to read Newspaper is also a very good way of advertising. You can easily do marketing of your products in Newspaper.

Note :-

I hope that in today’s article you all know well what is Digital Marketing and how many types of Digital Marketing?

Thank you all for reading this article till the end. If any one of you feel that some changes are need in this article or if you all want an article on some other topic, then definitely tell in the comment box so that very soon I will give another update on that article or that doubt. I can clear.

So that’s all for today, with another new update in next article, Good bye till then!

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